Nathu La pass is guarded by a `border baba`

Sepoy Harbhajan Singh of the Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army, popularly known as the 'Border Baba', died on his way to Nathu La in 1968.

But long after his death, the locals and soldiers guarding the frontier maintain that he is still 'alive'. Soldiers in the Indo-China border believe that Baba will warn them 72 hours before any untoward incident is to take place and when any one sleeps while on duty, he is slapped by the Baba.

Harbhajan Singh (or Border Baba) belonged to the 23rd battalion of the Punjab Regiment and was swept away by a torrent while escorting a mule column in the Himalayas on October 4, 1968. His unit built the shrine at the site of the accident between Woodcock and Tuka-La near the border, after they received `divine orders`.

India and China are resuming border trade through the strategic Nathu La from July 6, 2006 after a long wait of 44 years when it was closed.

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