Indian Jews: in a land of promise

Celebrity chef Moshe Shek knows what it's like to be Jewish in India. He found his calling in the Promised Land, but he couldn't call it home. After working in an Israeli kibbutz kitchen at 21, he returned to hometown Mumbai and went to catering college.

But when he emigrated to Israel years later as a seasoned chef, he felt like an outsider. "I am Jewish by religion, but I am culturally Indian, not Israeli," he says. "I returned to India because I am completely at home here."

For India's 4,480 Jews—80 per cent of whom live in Mumbai—life is an eternal toss-up between settling down in Israel like Jews the world over, or staying on in India. But many prefer to stay on in India despite the promise of a Promised Land

India is the only country in the world where the Jews escaped persecution of any sort.

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