Amrish Puri and his journey of life

In his autobiography The Act of Life, released posthumously, Amrish Puri retraces the journey of his life as an actor, theatre artist, family man and, above all, a human being who was always willing to learn, adapt and grow


I do not remember how and when I got popular with the filmmakers and what they sought in me, considering that they found my face a bit too harsh and rugged-looking, to begin with.

Indiana Jones was an all-time experience for me. And when we parted, Spielberg surprised me as he scrawled a message across a still from the film saying, "To my best villain..." I take enormous pride in this note, in fact, I’m quite boastful about it.

Now in hindsight, it seems it was theatre that I really cherished and it became the stepping-stone to make forays into the film industry. All the glory that cinema has brought into my life, I attribute it to theatre. I must accept in all humility that theatre has made me what I’m today. I salute my guru, Pt. Satyadev Dubey, and I’m indebted to him for whatever he ingrained in me in this lifetime.

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