Mumbai blasts: The day after

Image: A train zooms past a rose placed on the tracks at Matunga where several people died in Tuesday’s blasts. Courtesy:

Mumbai limped back to normalcy, and words of courage and solace poured in from all over the world.

While the death toll stood at 200, Mumbai limped back to normalcy, and there were numerous stories of how Mumbaikars helped their brethren to get over the trauma of the carnage.

The victims and their relatives still recount with gratitude the help offered by bystanders. The Muslim-dominated settlements near the Bandra station like Garib Nagar, Naupada and Behrampada, came to the rescue of the passengers and the victims of the blast at Bandra station. A voluntary organisation called Al-Hind Ekta Society, rushed to rescue the numerous injured in the train.

Somnath Julka, a 51-year-old businessman and a resident of Sion GTB Nagar has spent more than Rs 2.5 lakh buying expensive medicines for the injured.

Some like Kiran Mehta had a miraculous escape. He survived both the 93 and 2006 blasts by a whisker.
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