Raman Sukumar and the Asian elephant

Raman Sukumar is one of the world's leading authorities of the Asian elephant. He has spent nearly 2 decades observing elephants in the wild trying to better understand them.

As a high school student, Sukumar first started to think about working in the field of conservation. His grandmother used to call him vanavasi (the Tamil word for "forest dweller"). It was not until he had to choose a research topic in college that he began to study elephants.

Now the Chairman of the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, has been awarded the 2006 International Cosmos Prize in recognition of his achievements in the fields of ecology and conservation biology in the Western Ghats.

His research on ecological relationship between humans and elephants and the resolution of conflicts between them has been recognised as pioneering work regarding coexistence of wildlife and humans.

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