Raja Rao: A proud Indian

Remembering Raja Rao

Noted Indian novelist Raja Rao was born on November 8, 1908 in Hassan, in the state of Mysore in south India. His native language was Kannada but his post-graduate education was in France, and all his publications in book form have been in English.

During WW II, he travelled widely in India in search of his spiritual heritage. In 1942 he was active in an underground movement against colonial rule. During these years he edited the literary magazine Tomorrow.

Rao's involvement in the nationalist movement is reflected in his first two books. The novel Kanthapura (1938) was an account of the impact of Gandhi's teaching on non-violent resistance against the British. Rao returned to the theme of Gandhism in the short story collection The Cow of the Barricades (1947). In 1998 he published Gandhi's biography Great Indian Way: A Life of Mahatma Gandhi.

"I am a proud Indian. It is my karma that has destined me to live more than half my life outside this Punyabhumi. India indeed is the land of the ultimate value. The Truth. Hence we can believe and shout Satyameva Jayate." --Raja Rao, 1998

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