ISRO: Six lessons it can teach anyone

ISRO had 12 successful launches and the recent failure of the the much-awaited Geosynchronous Launch Vehicle (GSLV) from Sriharikota has come as a shock. This is a setback and a costly one at that. And yet, chances are, ISRO can be trusted to pull back. At ISRO, it turns out that every story of failure is a story of success.

Govindraj Ethiraj looks at the positive side of ISRO and has written about the six lessons that ISRO can teach.

One of President A P J Abdul Kalam's oft-narrated tales is the one about when then chairman Satish Dhawan had put him in charge of the first satellite launch vehicle project (SLV) 3 in 1973. The SLV-3, with the Rohini satellite, was launched in 1979, but crashed into the Bay of Bengal five minutes later.

At the press conference that followed, Kalam discovered, to his shock, that Dhawan took all the blame for the disaster, despite the SLV 3 being Kalam's baby. A year later, the SLV-3 was launched successfully. And it was time to face the nation once again. Kalam was stunned again -- because this time Dhawan gave him all the credit. Read report
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