IIT Kanpur: There are no surnames here

There are no Guptas, Sharmas, Pandeys, Tiwaris, Tripathis, Shuklas, Singhs, Agarwals, Dixits and Hussains left on the campus. The surnames that denote caste have been dropped like leaves in the autumn, and all that remains is a feeling of oneness.

A group of nearly 200 students at IIT Kanpur have dropped their parental surnames, and adopted a common surname — “Bharat”.

Chandra Shekhar Sharma is now Chandra Shekhar Bharat, Rahul Gupta is Rahul Bharat, Dujendra Pandey is Dujendra Bharat, Nutan Gautam is Nutan Bharat and Akhlaq Hussain is Akhlaq Bharat.

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