The `Taalabi` baba from Manikpur

Sixty two-year-old Kamleshwari Singh has dug a pond in a piece of parched land, all by himself at Manikpur village, 90 kms east of Patna.

He has dug the pond to fulfil his dead son's wishes. Beginning to dig the land Eight years ago, he has now single-handedly created the only talaab-pond-in Manikpur in memory of his elder son Siyaram Singh, 26.

The villagers of Manikpur never understood a decrepit old man digging away day in and day out. Kamleshwari, who was 'Pagla Baba' to his villagers-as they thought the killing of his son had made him mentally unstable-has now transformed into 'talaabi Baba' as the pond is the sole source of water for the village.

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