Pallankuzhi game scores at Swiss meet

A rustic board game, once patronised by women in Tamil Nadu, was the toast of scholars who attended the international colloquium on the `Pit and Pebble Game' at Fribourg University, Switzerland, in September.

`Pallankuzhi', a game played by dropping seeds into pits on a board, has been a women's pastime during the break at the workplace, an entertaining way to improve math and motor skills or a marathon affair during festivals like Sivarathri and Vaikunda Ekadasi.

The game has fascinated researchers keen on unravelling its many anthropological and social aspects. Scholars who converged at Switzerland. Western scholars have conducted researches on the game to find out the various skills of students at various levels.

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Anonymous said...

All the articles are interesting and neatly presented. Indeed a good effort.

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K L said...

Can anyone give a write up on how to play Pallankuzhi please? Thanks