Remembering Subodh Roy: Patriot and communist

On April 18, 1930, a 14-year-old boy stole his father's licensed gun and headed off to join the armed uprising under the leadership of the legendary `Master-da' (Surya Sen) to overthrow British rule.

The boy, whose name was Subodh Roy, was only a student of Class VIII when he joined other young revolutionaries to raid and capture two armouries in Chittagong city (now in eastern Bangladesh), take control of the post and telegraph offices, disconnect the railway line and hoist the national flag.

For two days, Chittagong stood proud and liberated, before the revolt was put down brutally by the British forces after a pitched gun battle.

Eventually, they were caught and the trial that followed took place inside the jail. Master-da was hanged in 1934 and most of the other revolutionaries were sentenced to transportation for life and sent to the cellular jail in the Andamans. Subodh Roy, who was only 18 years then, was perhaps the youngest to be sent to that prison.

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