For Bhat, toxin-free is the mantra

P Subramanya Bhat is arguably the first progressive farmer in the coastal district of Karnataka to practice the Subhash Palekar method of natural farming.

At a time when many farmers prefer inorganic methods of farming because of the quick yield it gives, here is a farmer who has not only adopted organic methods (natural) of farming, but also succeeded in getting more than double the yield.

Bhat has been inspired by a book by Swami Anand, based on the natural farming experiences of Subhash Palekar, a Maharashtra-based agricultural scientist and one of the pioneers of organic farming.

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Harish SOmayaji said...

This is really good. Do you have any contact details of Mr. Bhat / Mr. Palekar or Swami Anand. I would lke to get in touch with them

vivek said...

i would like to get in touch with mr bhat