For Maria Arbatova, Indians are better husbands

Leading Russian feminist intellectual Maria Arbatova says that Indians make the best husbands for Russian women as they are "more open" and share an emotional relationship with family.

Arbatova, a living symbol of feminist movement of post-Communist Russia, had married twice and is presently living with an Indian. Recently she has published a book The Taste of India.

She became a household name in 1990s in Russia with her feminist TV Programme 'I Can Do It Myself'. Since 1996, she heads the club of 'Women Meddling in Politics' to seek a greater role for the Russian women in the country's politics.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Venkatesh:
I too share the view.
Russians and Indians have arisen in the same slumsy atmosphere.
Among all western foreigners (from an indian prospective) Russian's resemble us the most.
They (Russians) have been facing same problems like shelter, poverty, unemployment, crime, western discrimination etc. so they understand the indian prespective since they too have had lived with them since yonder years.

One way they differ than indians is that they drink lots of vodka, and consider themselves "Whites" --(Only in their view, the westerners think they are outcast westerners.)

I have seen 2-3 instances where a russian girl has married an indian and has adjusted very well without much fuss... as they are closer to indian emotionality.

I am sure they will become good life partners too just don't let them dominate you much..

Anonymous said...

There is NO TRUTH to this.

It all depends on the individual.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is arvind and i belive that This is the facts that Indian Man is most Reliable than the other countries because Indians have a very strong and respective culture and have very good social background when Indian man is marry to the woman they make relation for hole life and live there life with her and for his family. So that I think that Indians is the most reliable husband in the world.