Nita Umasankar works with childern of sex workers

Nita Umasankar, an Indian American student has started an NGO in Chennai to provide computer education to children of sex workers.

Nita's Achieving Sustainable Social Equality through Technology (ASSET) has tied up with Global Giving, an international NGO.

The 24-year-old from Texas is now trying to compete for a donation challenge set up by Global Giving, wherein the non-profit project that raises the most money between Oct 9 and Oct 31 wins $50,000 as first prize.

Nita is a doctoral student at the University of Texas. India is not new to her, as before starting the project she spent a year working for a NGO that assisted abused and destitute women in a village outside Bangalore.

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Giriprasad Lankipalle said...

Good to see lot of NRIs involved in Changing the lives of people backhome in India. Good Luck Neeta. Let us know if we can be part of this drive.

Giriprasad Lankipalle