Ajeet Bajaj makes it to the South Pole

Image: Ajeet Bajaj at the North pole

Adventurer Ajeet Bajaj unfurled the tricolour at the South Pole as India celebrated its Republic Day, achieving the unique feat of becoming the first Indian to go to both North and South Poles.

Bajaj (40), who had successfully reached the North Pole in April last, reached the South Pole after a month-long expedition.

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Anonymous said...

Saraswati Kameswaran an Indian citizen living in California was the first Indian and woman to ski to the south pole. She reached the South pole on Jan 20th. Please check the expedetion tracker at http://www.polarexplorers.com/ExpeditionTracker.htm#SP1deg. She did the 1 degree expedition but was the first Indian individual to ski to the South Pole.

The Indian navy team reached the pole earlier but as the whole team.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to know what Ajit Bajaj explored in his expeditons and how did it help India?