Dr Anil Joshi fights terror in Kashmir with electricity

Hillkaka was once a launch pad for Pakistan-sponsored terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, but the effort of one man changed the minds of the people in the hilly region. Here the local people with the help of the Army had for the first time generated electricity by upgrading the traditional water mills in the area.

Barsada and Kulai villages, which were targetted by terrorists earlier now have electricity of their own. All these are due to the efforts of one man; Dr Anil Prakash Joshi, founder of the Dehra Dun-based Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organisation (HESCO), who due to his efforts have brought change in the lives of the terrorist infested villages in the region.

The Army engineers too have helped the water mill owners by fabricating steel turbines for them and replacing the traditional wooden ones. The initiative will provide them uninterrupted power supply, which is so far beyond the expectations of even the residents of the urban areas in the state.

In 2006, the man who brought electricity to 700 villages in the Himalayan hinterland by upgrading watermills received a Padmashri and a Jamnalal Bajaj award. In October 2006, HESCO which he set up in 1978, recharged seven water springs in Rudraprayag.

Dr Anil Prakash, simple man that he is, still cycles uphill 9 km every morning to reach his “work station.

Courtesy: www.tribuneindia.com
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Anonymous said...

Not a single village was electrified by Anil Joshi. Where is the list of those villages and whast the present status. Managing stories in press dosen't mean that its actually happening at the grass roots. What about Satyam, they too managed to create an illusion of sucess,

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