Priya Dayananda among top US lobbyists

Former Congressional staffer Priya Dayananda, 36, currently the Director of Federal Government Affairs for KPMG LLP, has been named one of the top 25 corporate lobbyists on Capitol Hill, by the Hill newspaper, which exclusively covers the US Congress.

She has been a registered lobbyist since 2001, and in a field of 35,000 lobbyists, she was one of the first Indian-American lobbyists and the first female Indian-American lobbyist to be hired in the United States.

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Chattarpal Atal said...

Priya Dayananda is an amazing women and an example for all of us young desis who aspire to be on the hill. I have had an opportunity to interview Priya as a former White House intern and I came away deeply impressed. She has continued to provide great advice over the last few years.