Silathoranam in Tirupati: An ecological wonder

Silathoranam is about one km from the main temple. It is a spectacular rock formation — a rare geological arch estimated to be 1,500 million years old by geologists! The age of its rock is estimated at another mind-blowing 2,500 million years!

This magnificent, naturally formed arch is the only one of its kind in Asia. And there are only two others of its kind in the world — the Rainbow Arch of Utah in the U.S., and the Arch of Cut Through in the U.K.

Ironically, this beauty is the result of a rare geological fault. The geological term for this phenomenon is the tongue-twisting Eparchean Unconformity.

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AJIT said...

how come this natural phenomenon is'nt mentioned any where at all?? Maybe AP Tourism could publicize it for attracting visitors.

kannan said...

It is fantastic and marvellous.
We must proud that such a wonderful geological monument is situated in our India.