Bhairavi Desai leads taxi drivers in New York

She is an unlikely leader of taxi drivers — a college graduate, a woman, soft-spoken.

India-born Bhairavi Desai reaffirmed her prominent role in the city’s labour movement and her willingness to make bold moves on behalf of her membership in the New York Taxi Workers Alliance.

Ms. Desai, 34, is a slight woman, 5-feet-1, 50 kg, who co-founded the alliance in 1998, the same year the city’s taxi-drivers refused to drive in a historic one-day walkout over working conditions.

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Digant said...

Hi Venkatesh,

First of all - congrates for starting and maintaining such a positive blog. Reading few blog entries make me really feel good, and I hope you keep delivering these positive vibes about India and Indians.

The story of Bhairavi Desai is quite inspiring. By the way, have you thought of submitting few of your entries to Time of India "Lead India" leadership initiative? Might be worthwhile to check out:

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