British actor Alistair discovers his Indian roots

Well-known British comedian and theatre actor Alistair McGowan's search for his roots has led him to discover he is Anglo-Indian -- a fact his father tried to hide from him all his life.

Visiting Kolkata and Chunar in Uttar Pradesh for the BBC film, Alistair McGowan says that once he had established his Anglo-Indian roots, he found out that he was the first McGowan to be born in Britain in more than 200 years.

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Lorraine said...

I watched the episode when Alistair found out he was anglo indian it is a shame his father kept this from him as anglo indian people are a very proud race and have varied backgrounds. As Alistair may be unaware there is a large community of anglo indians in london and all around the world, there are still many dances around london where you can meet other anglo's. Like yourself Alistair my children have one english parent and one anglo indian parent i was born and bought up in croydon, i am very proud to be anglo indian and hope one day it will be something you will pass onto your children. my advise would be go to a dance meet more anglo's that will help you to know more of your heritage.

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