Pandas of Haridwar: Helping to trace the family tree

Pandas of Haridwar are an age-old institution in India, an amazing one, a singular example of its kind in the world.

Pandas of Haridwar are the record holders of the pilgrims’ family trees. They bring people together in time past and time present, in space divided by thousands of miles.

The Pandas are an important institution, a constituent of Hardwar, more than the famous sadhus. They perform the religious rites of the pilgrims, and record their visits. Their record books contain records of the pilgrims, their names, castes, the places they hail from, the names of their fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, the religious functions they came for and their signatures.

In India where there is little centralised or organised information, these bahis are often the only record of the precise history of a family, which map the family tree of pilgrims who travel thousands of miles to be here.

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sushil kumar said...

i want to know the dsetails of my family tree,So fo that i need email ids of the pandas of haridwar.Thnx

A said...

Hi Sushil,
All these pandas live in 15th Century, they do not want to computerize there data, which is hand written and its very frustrating when U go there. U can hardly know who is yr exact panda etc. It may take few more centuries, before this community will be more receptive to modern science. I am trying to get my ancestory build up, but I am sure U hardly can get help from there. Some times facts are recorded with two or more pandas, who is correct and who is false is a falacy on its own. A Talwar

Anonymous said...

Hi, myself Satya Deo Rai, S/o Late Dhrub Rai, Vill: Madhopur, PO:Chainwa, Distt: Chhapra, Bihar.I want to know the dsetails of my family tree, Please send it if posible on my mail ID and oblise. Thanks

Mr Madhu Sudan Chopra said...

Hi myself is Madhu Sudan Chopra S/o Late Shri Bal Kishan Chopra Vill. Chahal Gujarawalan Chopra. Lahore. I want to know the details of my pandas in Haridwar. Please send it if possible on my mail ID for the last ceremony in Haridwar.

2.55 p.m.

Nikhil Kapoor said...

hii..myself is Pawan Kapoor S/o Late Shri Pritam Chand Kapoor, lahore.
i want to know about my family history pandas .How can i know about that??
please send the details about my family history panda, if possible on my email-id "".
also if you can send the info on hoe to find it in Haridwar, please send it too!
thank you!!