Jana Hitaya makes a difference in Kolkata

They were a group of housewives, mostly in their fifties leading comfortable lives. But they chose to be somewhat atypical and thereby have started making a difference to the lives they touch, be it the senior citizens whom they strive to serve or th e corps of unemployed youth whom they seek to train to serve the elderly. Jana Hitaya, an association of mostly women, describe their effort as a citizens’ initiative for advancement of life.

They are harbingers of joy when they come calling at the home of Bipasha Chowdhury, a 63-year-old lady who is battling cancer. Most of her daily chores are taken care of by her attendants and her younger daughter who stays with her. “But I feel so happy when Jana Hitaya comes over. I look forward to the afternoons that I spend with them, to those moments when I forget even my illness,” she says.

Jana Hitaya is all about wish fulfilment — for its volunteers who wished to give back something to society and for the seniors who wish for a better life.

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