Tamil Brahmi inscriptions found in Egypt

A broken storage jar with inscriptions in Tamil Brahmi script has been excavated at Quseir-al-Qadim, an ancient port with a Roman settlement on the Red Sea coast of Egypt. This Tamil Brahmi script has been dated to first century B.C.

Another Tamil Brahmi pottery inscription of the same period was found in 1995 at Berenike, also a Roman settlement, on the Red Sea coast of Egypt.

These discoveries provided material evidence to corroborate the literary accounts by classical Western authors and the Tamil Sangam poets about the flourishing trade between the Tamil country and Rome (via the Red Sea ports) in the early centuries A.D.

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Ant said...

Tamil not only classical language but also rich in literature too. Tamils had good sailing system. Very good in using iron. Forefather in the concept of democracy. South Indian temples exhibit the architecture proficiency of Tamils. They had wide spread trade link also with other kingdoms.

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