Surinder Singh has a passion for Sikh coins

A retired government officer, Surinder Singh should have been counting the savings he had made in service. Instead he began to collect old coins, especially Sikh coinage which were in circulation in Punjab between 1710 and 1856.

He began to search for the tales behind them. Inscribed in the sikka (coin) were new versions of the Sikh story. Fourteen years after he retired from the Indian Defence Accounts, the Chandigarh-based Surinder, is now a path-breaking researcher on Sikh coinage.

The numismatist, who was born in Haripur Hazara, has collected more than 800 rare coins and some new stories to tell. He found that Sikh coins were struck only in the name of the gurus and never carried the personal legend of any ruler-not even the mighty Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. After reading about all the wars and the sacrifices it took to establish and maintain Sarkar Khalsa, i'm glad that someone out there is taking care of those price possessions of our priceless history.

Thank You Mr. Surinder singh