Mumbai cabbie Mushtaq Ahmed does his deed for the day !

Nowshad Rizwanullah may not forget his ongoing trip to Mumbai for a long time, thanks to the honesty of cab driver Mushtaq Ahmed Khan returned the shoulder bag containing an iPhone and laptop worth Rs 1 lakh, and Naushad Rizwanullah's all-important Canadian passport.

Rizwanullah is in Mumbai from the US for a week's holiday from Harvard Business School to visit friends.

On Sunday, a happily oblivious Rizwanullah forgot his shoulder bag with a laptop, iPhone and his invaluable Canadian passport with a US student visa and Indian visa in a taxi that took him from a friend's house in Mahalaxmi to another friend's house at the Gateway of India.

Khan appeared at Rizwanullah's doorstep on the night of Sunday with all the contents of the bag intact. Says a touched Rizwanullah, who had not even realised that his bag was missing till Mushtaq brought it back, "I was humbled and speechless. The iPhone and laptop would cost $2,000 (Rs 1 lakh) approximately but it was the passport that was vital."

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