Showkat Wani is a collector of rare Kashmir photos

A rare collection of more than 3,500 rare photographs depicting the life of people, places, rulers, traders and landscapes of Kashmir over a period of 100 years between 1850s and 1950s will be soon on display.

The collection, known as ‘Nostalgic Kashmir,’ will become a reality due to the efforts of Wasim Showkat Wani, a young hotelier in the Nehru Park area, near Dal Lake, who has collected these over a period of nine years through personal collections, museums and other sources, both local and outsiders.

A caption on one of the pictures says: "London Crown jewelers are busy at work making one of the biggest silver dinner sets yet known in 1909-10. It is for the Maharaja of Kashmir and will cost at least £18,000. Silversmiths, artists, highly skilled using ancient implements and methods are carrying out the work. As many as 36 persons will be able to feed off this costly dinner set."

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