Indus Valley civilisation was a literate one

The 4,000-year-old Indus Valley civilisation that thrived around what is now the Indo-Pakistan border might have been marked by a literate society that used a script that is close to present-day languages such as Tamil, Sanskrit and English, a new finding claims.

A group of Indian scientists conducted a statistical study of the symbols found in Indus Valley remains and compared them with various linguistic scripts and non-linguistic systems. They found that the inscriptions closely matched those of spoken languages such as Tamil, Sanskrit and English. It had been believed that Indus Valley’s was not a literate civilisation.

The Indus Valley civilisation, also known as the Harappan civilisation, was contemporaneous with Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. It was spread across present-day eastern Pakistan and the northwestern parts of India. The researchers are now working on deciphering the grammar and rules governing the language

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