Ludwig Pesch has a passion for Carnatic music

Ludwig Pesch is a man possessed by South Indian classical music. A lifelong and passionate devotee of Carnatic music, Pesch learnt flute from the late Ramachandra Shastry at Kalakshetra in Chennai and co-founded Sampradaya, a major music documentation centre and archive in the Tamil Nadu capita

But Pesch’s most significant contribution to his beloved field perhaps has been ‘The Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music’, which he co-authored with percussion virtuoso T R Sundaresan.

It was in 1977 that Pesch became interested in Carnatic music while studying to become a high school music teacher. He had heard a French radio discussion about the music of the late Ramnad Krishnan.

The result was that he searched the university library for more information about Carnatic music and a few months later took leave from his regular course of study to visit South India, where he met his guru, H Ramachandra Shastry at Kalakshetra.

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