Remembering Porus: The warrior who fought Alexander

It was the only region where the ever-advancing army of Alexander the great found one of its toughest resistances when it met with the army of Porus. The morale of Alexander’s army was completely shattered by a singular act of brave men of Porus, who tied themselves with their chariots so not have any choice of deserting. Alexander could thus go only as far as the river Hyphasis (modern Beas). At this point his army, it is generally believed, rebelled and refused to go further.

Most historians agree that it was the brave fight put up in Punjab by Porus’ army that disheartened Alexander’s army.

But a few questions remain unanswered. Why was a defeated king (Porus) was given an even larger kingdom after his defeat by Alexander? Did Porus have some singular advantage, despite being taken prisoner, as narrated?

While both Porus and Alexander have been acknowledged as great warriors in history but who emerged victorious in the battle of Jhelum remains unanswered.

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Anonymous said...

The one most important thing i want to know is who was king porus? is he a aryan or dravidiyan!! fighting in punjab i guess he is aryan... please if possible mail me the answer. thank you