Kedar Bhide is into saving snakes in Mumbai

(From the archives: This article appeared in India Today in 2004)

Kedar Bhide loves snakes. As a professional pest controller who rids suburban Mumbai of roaches and rodents, he would. They are "nature's finest and most dogged pest exterminators", he says.

This 33-year-old graduate of Mumbai's Haffkine Institute has taken his love for the reptiles one step further. Together with Kaivalya Varma, 24, who prepares management development courses for corporates, he started the Reptile Rescue and Study Centre (RRSC) eight years ago to give their hobby a name. RRSC now has 10 members that rescue hapless snakes cornered in Mumbai's concrete jungle and nurse injured reptiles back to health.

Ironically, it is around Nag Panchami, a festival dedicated to snake worship, that the reptiles suffer the most. RRSC works in tandem with the Forest Department to rescue hundreds of snakes.

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