Motilal Nehru's car gets new lease of life with Ravi Prakash

(From the archives: This report was first published in 2004 in India Today.)

A four-door, sports boat-tail, the Lanchester Straight 8 is a unique model. One of its kind in India and among 11 the world over, it is the oldest Lanchester in running condition today.

This particular item was once the proud possession of Motilal Nehru, politician and father of Jawaharlal Nehru. It has changed many hands since-from Motilal to the governor-general of the Madras Presidency to the late car collector C. Ravi Kumar and then to surgeon Ravi Prakash.

When Ravi Prakash bought the vehicle from Kumar in 1999, it was a decrepit machine unused for 13 years. Prakash spent nearly Rs 8 lakh on its restoration, so it doesn't matter now that it gives a royal mileage of 2 km to a litre of petrol.

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