Karnataka farmer uses old scooter to spray pesticides

Of what use is a scooter other than for transport? Well, an innovative farmer from Doddaballapur thought otherwise. Instead of consigning his old scooter to the scrap heap, he found an ingenious way to use it..

H. Sadananda of Tapasihalli uses his old scooter as a device to spray pesticides at his farm. The decrepit scooter may have fetched him Rs. 2,000 in the resale market, but he decided to install a small pump to its engine and use it as a petrol engine-operated pesticide sprayer.

All that he does now is to connect the inlet of the pump to a pesticide container and kick-start the scooter placed in a parked position.

The scientists of the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore, who are implementing the Bio-Resources Complex Project of the Union Bio-technological Department, have documented his innovation. This has helped six farmers in the surrounding villages to adopt this innovation.

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