Dinesh Raval, has a passion for repairing clock towers

Dinesh Raval, the clock tower man, is unlike any other septuagenarian you come across on the street on a busy day. He walks with a slight limp, but you hold him by the forearm and it is hard as steel. He is called the 'clock tower man' and his hands make clocks tick.

The most precious assignment on his detailed resume is of 1985 when Raval sent technical drawings to Smith and Sons in London for repairing the Big Ben – the iconic clock tower in London.

"The technical organiser of Smith and Sons had asked me to submit detailed drawings of a string device that struck every 15 minutes. This clock had three different sounds. I got this assignment because of my father's reputation as we were manufacturing designs of the Westminster , Willington and Big Ben clocks. Our designs were also used to repair the 1860 Bhuj clock tower manufactured by Smith and Sons a few years ago."

Raval inherited this passion of repairing and fixing tower clocks from his father Bhanudatta Raval, who owned the Indian Clock Manufacturing Company at Dhrangadhra in Surendranagar district.

The company had both installed and supplied parts to more than 6,000 tower clocks around the country and the factory was inaugurated by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in 1928.

Read full report in Times of India
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