A Ganjam Kawaria walks 1480 km barefoot for his faith

It's a matter of faith. A 42-year-old man of Ganjam district travelled around 1480 km barefoot to get holy water from the Triveni Sangam at Allahabad and poured it on Lord Eshaneshwara at Golanthara near Berhampur on the second Monday of Shravan.

M. Kanaka Rao of Bhaliagada village took more than 20 days to cover the distance. Starting off on June 26, he reached the historic Shiva temple on the evening of July 18 and waited for almost a week to pour the holy water on the Shiva Linga like other kawarias.

"I did not face any difficulty during my journey. Every day I used to travel around 60-km on the National Highways," he said. I used to start my journey early in the morning every day and take rest in any roadside temple during the night," he added.

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