Madhavi Lata fights disability with swimming

Madhavi Lata was only seven months old when she suffered an attack of poliomyelitis, which left her with 80 per cent disability.But that didn't stop her from acquiring a long list of professional qualifications, driving to work everyday and fighting to beat the odds. She is a Senior Manager at Standard Chartered Scope International.

However, four years ago, she developed complications and the doctors weren't too hopeful. Doctors recommended that she try hydrotherapy, and for the first time in Madhavi Lata's life, she was engaged in sports. “The benefits I've derived from swimming are astounding. My back pain has disappeared, and I am able to move better. The physiotherapist told me that this therapy has been in the textbooks for ages but isn't extensively used. If I can derive the benefits at my age, you can only imagine how well it would work on younger people,” she says.

Her initiative aims at creating awareness about the benefits of disability sports, counselling the physically-challenged and supporting those from the economically weaker sections. Madhavi recently participated in the Corporate Olympiad and won the bronze in the 100m swimming category and hopes to be part of the Paralympics soon.

Madhavi's dream is to start a sports school for persons with disabilities.

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