Sivaraj is an eco rickshaw warrior

Sivaraj has reinvented the humble cycle rickshaw, and has taken it to places where eco-friendly vehicles find ready patronage.

The 26-year-old Chennai-based innovator is working with Green Challenge, an NGO in The Netherlands, to popularise what he calls ‘eco cabs'.

While this pedalled cab will be offered in a few European countries to ferry people over short distances for free, its motorised version — powered by a battery and a solar unit, in addition to propulsion through pedals — is expected to hit the commercial market.

“The pedals-only version will work in countries with cool climates. The hot climate in Chennai and most other parts of India makes snail-like travel by a pedalled vehicle torturous.”

Almost three years have sped by since he bought a cycle rickshaw at Parry's. It was shifted to Salem, with its chassis as the foundation for the eco cab.

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Gouthami said...

Hi, we are doing some research on the rickshaw - would it be possible to get the contact details of Mr Sivaraj?

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