Saravanakumar has a passion for wildlife photography

S.U. Saravanakumar's pictures and films give us a bountiful dose of wildlife at its candid best. And, after a decade of battling torrential rains and leech bites, this 39-year-old is still very much in love with Nature's wild side.

While pursuing his Masters in Wildlife Biology at the Wildlife Institute of India, Saravanakumar realised what he really wanted to do was get behind the camera.

“I initially did some work for my institute (for documentation) and later ventured out on my own. Since being a wildlife biologist or photographer is difficult to survive on, documentation was the next best thing to do. There's a lot of scope for wildlife filming here,” he says.

With films such as “A Million Snake Bites” and “Crocodile Blues” for BBC Natural World, “Dangerous Towns, Tigers of Sunderbans” for Animal Planet and “Rat Wars” for National Geographic Channel under his belt, it's no surprise that Saravanakumar spends most of the year travelling.

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