Devareddy teaches music to visually impaired girls

Manjula is one of the rare talents from the Pandit Puttaraj Gawai Trust For Disabled , a free residential music school for poverty-stricken , visually impaired girls.

These budding musicians blossom under the benevolent eye of Vidwan Devareddy N Chinchali, managing trustee, Puttaraj Gawai Trust . Devareddy, too, is visually impaired, not unlike his guru Gawai.

After completing graduation in APS College, Devareddy , a trained Hindustani musician, took up a teaching job at the Ramana Maharishi Junior College for Women. With the ability to earn a living , this musician and teacher could connect with his inner vision.

Now Devareddy runs the Pandit Puttaraj Gawai Trust for Disabled, which is also home to Devareddy, his wife and two children, is haven to a rather large family of people who are high on music, love and life.

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