Shama Khan, women panchayat leader changes lives in Rajasthan

Shama Khan, 28, a Law graduate, is the pradhan of Chohtan panchayat samiti in Rajasthan's Barmer district. Among the women sarpanches and samiti members that make up the Chohtan panchayat samiti, she is the only one who is not illiterate.

In the 251 hamlets, or dhanis, of this panchayat samiti, which shares 114 kilometres of its border with Pakistan and where animal husbandry is the primary source of livelihood, sending girls to school was unheard of.

Right from the time she was first elected to the panchayat samiti, Khan put a premium on education. Over the years, all those who have met her through her panchayat work have understood that her primary agenda is to see more children, especially girls, in the classroom.

Her efforts have paid off. In less than two years, enrolment in the area has gone up from 550 to 6,550.

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Anonymous said...

Its time of begning to crush the all bad demons from society. Shama having major support from minority community as well as sc and st.
Better understanding and follow the way which was followed by late Abdul Hadi to carry with all sects of chohatan minority. inequality way between diffrent casts and sects may harm and causes loss.
look forward and continue with new creative idea's and good deeds.
Wish you charmfull journy of this sand dunes of chohatan in desert.

Ashraf Dhareja

Wah Sarkar said...

Great story. Good to see efforts being made towards girl education. Here are some other public service projects in India that were awarded by the UN this year.

#3 is a project on women empowerment in Madhya Pradesh.