Thadhi community of Rajasthan predict monsoon with folk songs

The members of Thadhi community of Barmer and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan used to forecast weather by creating folk songs. Taking ahead the legacy, the members of the community are still into writing short Rajasthani couplets to predict weather.

Bhuvnesh Jain who works at Nehra Yuva Kendra, Delhi and hails from Barmer has even documented the famous Rajasthani couplets of the community on the weather pattern especially the monsoon.

Many of them are illiterate and are into farming. Some of them who create these couplets ask others who are literate to jot them down. I sat with them many a times and after going through their Sankhiya(Rajasthani couplet to forecast monsoon) I found that their forecast is accurate. I have also written a book 'Rajasthan Ka Lok Vigyaan' which has the collection of Sankyia as narrated by the community, says Jain.

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