Antonio Costa of Goan origins might head the Portugal govt

Antonio Costa, 54, son of Goan poet Orlando Costa, and who answers to the nickname 'Babush', a Konkani term of endearment used to address a young boy in Goa, is set to stake his claim to head the Portuguese government. 

While Antonio, 54, is a member of the Socialist Party, his father, poet and writer Orlando was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party in the 1950s, which was banned under the dictatorial regime of Oliveira Salazar.
Born in 1929, in Mozambique,  Orlando spent his youth in Goa, before migrating to Lisbon at the age of 18, where he was a student and academic.
Antonio, on the other hand, has already been elected mayor of Lisbon thrice and is a frontrunner to be the president of the country.
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