Modi recalls Imran Khan of Alwar

Imran Khan is a 37-year-old teacher from Alwar in Rajasthan and is an employee of the Rajasthan Government. He has created over 50 free mobile apps on subjects such as general knowledge and English for Android users.

Imran Khan says his intent is to help Hindi medium students. Almost all of his apps on the Play store have a rating of four stars or more. Imran Khan's apps have been downloaded by over two millions of Android users.

Imran apparently started the software development in 2005. According to a report by Hindustan Times, Khan read some of the IT books left behind at home by his brother and was slowly attracted to build mobile applications.

Khan, who did a two-year basic teacher training course after his senior secondary degree, became a third grade government teacher in 1999. He was posted in Kota for four years, before being transferred to the government school in Jaton Ka Bagh - just five kilometres from his native village, Khareda, in Malakhera.

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Video on Imran Khan's programme at the Min of HRD
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