Chennai floods: The city shows the way

Chennai has emerged as the city of courage and compassion. In a time of unprecedented distress and difficulty, it turned into a million-armed helpline, and showed how a city transforms itself into one with a human personality and rises to become an angel.

 Not just the image of that lady, who waded through knee-deep waters to perform her duty of providing milk when it was needed the most, what stood out was that common citizens - unknown faces and strangers - were helped as if they were blood brothers.

Small cars to big SUVs were all loaded with food items, and people packed whatever ration they had in their homes onto the vehicles for distribution to those who needed them more. Doctors formed tele-groups, and tried to reach out to the sick and helpless. Social media played a big role - #ChennaiRainsHelp and many other such tags gave hope when the darkness of helplessness prevailed. The media -  print and electronic - turned into centres for dissemination of information and coordinated efforts to provide relief.

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