Neha Chauhan creates dolls to celebrate talent and diversity

Neha Chauhan, an Indian-American Harvard University graduate has come up with a new series of seven dolls that represent common girls with ethnic diversity and celebrate them for their brains, talents and leadership.

Neha Chauhan Woodward, 29, has given each of the seven dolls unique personalities, which girls can relate to.

The doll collection created by her startup toy company Willowbrook Girls and story series is based on the similarly ambitious childhood friends she grew up with on Willowbrook Road.

After years of working for successful e-commerce sites like Blue Apron and, Ms Neha turned her tech marketing experience into a concept for a doll company that would more accurately entertain the modern girl: one who will lead businesses, make medical breakthroughs, build apps and reform policies.

Growing up as an Indian-American, Ms Neha also wanted to make sure the dolls appeared diverse.

Among her dolls is Maya who wants to be a neuroscientist.

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