Paalam Kalyanasundaram: Redefining charity

Meet 73 year old Paalam Kalyanasundaram, who actually defines what ‘Being Human’ is. Kalyansundaram is a librarian who has been donating all his earnings every month for 30 years to the poor.

This man took up odd part-time jobs to earn his daily bread and butter and donated all his savings and salary to those in need! He lost his father when he was one year old and his mother inspired him to help the needy and the underprivileged and from there he learnt this wonderful art of kindness.

Kalyanasundaram, born in Tamil Nadu, never married and took up odd jobs to fill his stomach and gave away every single earning as a librarian to the needy. Not only this, he even donated his pension of 10 lakhs and an award of 30 crores.

Living up to his name, Kalyanasundaram did not just donate once, twice, thrice but his entire life. He dedicated his entire life in helping the needy.

This man also slept on footpaths himself to get to experience what the needy go through. Sundaram also did not get married as he wanted to help the poor with his earnings.

After he retired as a librarian, he even donated his pension of Rs. 10 lakhs!

Sundaram also founded an organization called Palam through which people willing to donate can reach out to the poor.

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