Shyam Kumar is Kerala's sparrow man

Autorickshaw driver M. Shyam Kumar of Thenkurissi in Kerala is a green crusader in his neighbourhood.

Mr. Kumar, has already made a name for himself in his neighbourhood by planting trees, besides making efforts to ensure that the sparrows return.

He carries around at least 10 litres of water at a time in his auto rickshaw and fills bowls in the area. "It was after I began noticing the plight of sparrows four years ago, I started placing water bowls in my house compound. Now, it attracts around 22 varieties of birds, including black drongo and Indian pitta.” he says.

An avid tree planter, he makes his passengers aware of the need to plant trees. Often, they are bowled over by his rare social commitment.

Kumar has  been on conservation mission for the last 19 years, and my wife and son are also part of it. Inspired by them, people in our locality have planted more than 23,000 saplings, and 90 per cent of them have become big shade-giving and fruit-bearing trees.

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