Vilas Nayak paints a potrait in a jiffy

Vilas Nayak is the only speed painter in the country and got into speed painting “just by chance”.

His love for the brush made him quit a plum HR job at IBM five years ago. He would go on to showcase his skills to the world by participating in 370 reality shows in the years that followed.

A regular at art shows in India and other countries his favourite medium to paint are water color and acrylics.

In less than 5 minutes he drew a water-colours portrait of Mother Teresa carrying an orphan, Abdul Kalam in 7 minutes and the Indian Tricolour in about as many minutes.

Vilas calls his acrylic paints as Hues N Tunes and says that he loves drawing the portraits of famous people as his audience likes them.

Nayak, who completed his Master’s in Social Work from the University of Mysore, calls American speed artist Denny Dent his inspiration. He has travelled to 23 countries to showcase his skills, and has drawn nearly 5,000 portraits

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