Govind Gehlot is an rural innovator

Govind Gehlot dropped out of school after class 7 and struggled as a welder in rural Rajasthan, but the 25-year-old didn’t let adversity stand in the way of his dreams.
The son of a poor farmer, Gehlot says he has developed a remote-controlled vehicle, on the lines of Google’s much-vaunted self-driven car.
He put three months’ earnings on a crude contraption that was fitted into a Maruti Alto car after removing the driver’s seat. The contraption – which looks a mesh of wires and iron plates – has two mobile phones: one for the steering wheel and the other for the pedals.
Gehlot uses two phones in his hand to run this car. With one, he controls the steering wheel, pressing 1 for left and 3 for right turns; and with the other, he presses 5 for the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals. The car runs only in the first gear.
The vehicle can run only within his sight because there’s a three-second lag in transmission of images from the phone in the car to the one in his hand.

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