Haldhar Nag pens poems in Kosli language

Haldhar Nag, the 66-year-old poet in Kosli language, who had barely attended school is now an award winning poet with many researchers studying his style of poetry. 

 Sambalpur University is now coming up with a compilation of his writings - Haldhar Granthabali-2 - which will be a part of the university's syllabus.

He was recently awarded the Padmashree.

"He remembers whatever he writes and has been reciting them. You just need to mention the name or subject. He never misses anything. Now he attends at least three to four programmes every day to recite his poems," said a close associate of the poet. 

Born in a poor family of Ghens in Bargarh district of Odisha in 1950, Nag could attend school only up to Class-III. He dropped out after losing his father when he was 10.

Known as Lok Kabi Ratna in Odisha, Nag, who draws his themes from the rustic surroundings, writes mostly on nature, society, mythology and religion. 

Read full report in Times Of India
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