India Pride Project: Recovering Indian art treasures

The India Pride Project (IPP) is a volunteer group working towards bringing back stolen artefacts, and has been urging that government agencies put heritage recovery high on their agenda.

Unofficial estimates put out by experts say that nearly 70,000 artefacts have gone missing from India.

Now, India Pride Project is on a nationwide awareness campaign to let the nation understand the reality that the country is losing so many of its artefacts.
It is an initiative of Anurag Saxena and Vijay Kumar who are Singapore based NRI's.

Among its goals are to bring back US $50 million of looted artifacts to India in 2 years and create a precedence through successful prosecution of criminal art-dealers.

Among their long term goals is to create a national institution for identifying, restituting and conserving Indian artifacts and build a searchable national archive of sculpture and art. They are also seeking industry participation and regional centers to curate and enrich content.

Among the artefacts brought back to India through IPP last year is the celebrated Nataraja Idol of Brihadeeswara Temple of the Chola period in Tamil Nadu. The idol, stolen more than three decades ago, had reached museums in the United States, and then Australia where it was sold for huge sums of money

Interestingly, IPP studies suggest that India lost more artefacts after independence than during the rule of various dynasties.

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